Gender wage gap in Brazilian formal labour market: a glass ceiling analysis in leadership positions.

Tainá da Silva, No Current employer

This study examines the existence of a significant gender wage gap in leadership positions in Brazilian formal labour market. In particular, I check whether the gap between women and men wage increases along the wage distribution and it is greater in higher leadership positions such as directors and company board members. For this analyse I used the Brazilian’s Annual Report of Social Information database for 2003 and 2017 and select only coordinators, supervisors, managers, directors and board member positions. Once I aggregate the first three positions as the lower leadership level and directors and company board members as the higher level, I find, based Machado and Mata (2005) decomposition methodology, an increasing devaluation of women's salary along the wage distribution in both levels, and a higher gap in the top occupations.

Keywords: Decomposition analysis/methods, Gender, Inequality, Econometrics

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  Presented in Session 28. Gender Differentials in Human Capital and Labour Force Participation