Is NRR time-sensitive in measuring population replacement level?

Arni Rao, Medical College of Georgia

This technical piece introduces a concise debate on the implications of NRR (net reproduction rate), given that NRR only represents what we think it represents in a stable population, and no human population in practice is stable. The quantity NRR = 1 computed for any given year should not be treated as representing the attainment of replacement fertility in that year, because NRR = 1 represents replacement only in a stable population. A new measure Q_0 is proposed. Finally, the comment concludes that we either need a different measure for what we want or a different way of interpreting NRR.

Keywords: Decomposition analysis/methods, Qualitative data/methods/approaches, Fertility and childbirth, Age structure

See extended abstract.

  Presented in Session 83. Data and Methods: A Medley of Perspectives