Problems and Constraints in Utilizing the Health Services by Elderly: Field Based Evidence from Jharkhand, India.

Shanu Priya, Jawaharlal Nehru University

Objective: To make a micro level analysis of the problems and constraints in utilizing the health services by the elderly in Jharkhand (Primary field survey) Data Source: Primary field survey in Ranchi and Jamshedpur urban area. Methodology: Primary field survey was done in two urban areas of Jharkhand for the case study through structured questionnaire. Random sampling method was done to evaluate the objective of the study, it was an individual level household survey. Questions were asked by the elderly people about the problems they faced in availing the health services. The area chosen are Ranchi (capital city of Jharkhand) and Jamshedpur (the industrial area of Jharkhand), since the study involves about the urban elderly health issue, Ranchi and Jamshedpur are chosen as they are the most urbanized area of Jharkhand. The narratives are discussed under sub headings of different categories of elderly people. Since Jharkhand has indigenous population their case study is also presented. The survey brought out varied result regarding the health services regardless of supply and demand side in Ranchi a swell as Jamshedpur urban area, in both public health sector and private health sector. Things has become more grotesque during the situation of the covid pandemic.

Keywords: COVID-19, Population ageing, Urbanization and urban populations, Health and morbidity

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  Presented in Session P19.