Key Phrases

Age structure
Applied demography
Bayesian methods / estimation
Big data / Social media
Biodemography and genetics
Causal analysis / Causal estimation
Census data
Children and youth
Civil Registration and Vital Statistics (CRVS)
Comparative methods
Cross-country comparative analyses
Cultural and linguistic demography
Culture, ethnicity, race, religion and language
Data visualisation
Decomposition analysis/methods
Demographic and social surveys
Demographic dividend and economic development
Demography of religions
Digital and computational demography
Economic analysis
Environmental studies
Ethics and human rights
Event history analysis
Experimental methods
Family demography
Family planning and contraception
Fertility and childbirth
Geographic Information Systems (GIS)
Geo-referenced/geo-coded data
Harmonized data sets
Health and morbidity
Historical demography/methods
Human capital and labour markets
Intergenerational relations
Internal migration
International migration
Latent class analysis

Life course analysis
Life event calendar analysis
Linked data sets
Longitudinal studies
Mathematical demography
Migrant populations
Mixed methods research
Multi-level modeling
Multiregional demography
National Transfer Accounts (NTA)
Neighbourhood/contextual effect analysis
Older adults
Outcome and impact evaluations
Panel studies
Policy evaluation
Politics and demography
Population ageing
Population geography
Population projections, forecasts, and estimations
Population size and growth/decline
Qualitative data/methods/approaches
Quantum and tempo effects
Randomized controlled experiments
Remote sensing
Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights
Small area estimation
Social network methods
Spatial analysis/regression
Spatial dependence/heterogeneity
Spatial statistics
Structural equation modelling
Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)
Systems analysis
Time use surveys
Urbanization and urban populations